Education Kit

Communities in Canada: Grade 2 Montefiore Unit

Mr. Oretsky and D.Zuckerman JHSSA#1324

The Curriculum Description:
This education kit contains detailed lesson plans with specific connections to Learning Outcomes including Values/Attitudes, Knowledge/Understanding as prescribed in Alberta Education Program of Studies. Support materials contain everything needed to teach the unit including background information, primary source audio files, transcripts, photographs and replicas of archival documents and artifacts and suggested field trip to Montefiore Institute (Little Synagogue) at Heritage Park.
What it is:
The Montefiore Unit is a window on a farming community in Alberta in the early 1900s. We look at the colourful details of life in this one time and place and in doing so, learn about wider immigrant experiences, and about rural life in this time period.
The lesson structure is inquiry based, and while it is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Alberta grade two curriculum, it can be adapted for other situations/age groups. Students hear stories from Montefiore residents in their own voices and words, and may receive a visit from a descendant of a Montefiore family.
The original synagogue from the Montefiore Colony, which was located near Sibbald on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, is now resident at Heritage Park in Calgary and is open for school visits in the Spring each year.
While our materials highlight a Jewish community, the unit is not religious, and is relevant to students of different backgrounds and experiences.

Loan Conditions:
Education kits are loaned by the JHSSA free of charge. We have 3 kits in circulation. For more information, please contact us.
“Excellent, well laid out and made it simple to connect to my outcomes…the kids loved the artifacts, photographs and video interviews.”

Special Thanks to:
Reva Faber for creating the unit
Agi Romer Segal for providing archival and research support
Alberta Community Spirit Grant for their generous funding
Rimon Calgary for creating the carry bags for each Unit
Aviva Cheuk for donating replica artifact (Tzedakah Box)

Sample Material:
Grade Two Montefiore Colony Unit Curriculum Overview
Lesson Six