Genealogy Workshop Series: Presented by Ken Drabinsky

February 10, 2016

Co-sponsored by JHSSA and Temple B’nai Tikvah

Our first workshop, on January 28th, brought together participants of widely varied backgrounds and areas of interest. It began with discussion on the importance of pursuing family history, setting goals, collecting objects and data from family members, and properly sourcing everything for posterity. Ken demonstrated how to do a manual tree and provided a database worksheet revealing the kinds of primary information to start working a tree, and also graph paper—demonstrating that to do it properly, a software program is a must!  At the end there were a few questions regarding software and research sites which were briefly touched upon, reserving detailed discussion for the next workshop on Feb. 28.

The next workshops in the series are as follows:

Feb 28  7-9 pm – Level II Intermediate –Developing Your Family Tree
April 3  4-6 pm– Special: SKYPE Lecture  Stanley Diamond – JRI-Poland followed by Hands On Roll up the Sleeves Workshop.
May 1  7-9 pm – Level III intermediate – Advanced – Exploring, JRI-P and Additional Research Methods

Please contact Ken Drabinsky for more information on the material from this workshop or the upcoming classes

There is interest in forming a group to meet monthly on an informal basis, for people to receive individual help and ideas on their personal genealogy research. If you are interested in participating and/or helping, please contact Ken at kendrabinsky (at),  403-815-1482,